Beginning Modern Script Variations — Suzanne Cunningham

Suzanne Cunningham
2.5 days
Beginning to Intermediate
No materials fee

Instructor Bio
Suzanne Cunningham is a calligrapher with 23 years of experience. She began addressing wedding envelopes in 1993 and have been using the pointed pen for three years. She has attended the workshops of Master Penmen Michael Sull, Barbara Calzolari, Harvest Crittenden, and Bill Kemp, Crown Office Scribe Paul Antonio, Heather Held, Barbara Close, Angela Welch, and Karen Brooks. Suzanne has taught many workshops on beginning Copperplate script and various modern scripts.


Class Description
Have you ever wondered what the differences are between an organic look and a lively, bouncy look to modern calligraphy? We will break it all down letter by letter to learn what makes each style unique and what gives each a completely different look. We will also learn a fun new variation of my very own, the Florence script. This variation is more structured than modern script, but not as formal as Copperplate or Engrosser’s script. Florence script is a great addition to your calligraphy hands and not difficult to learn. For our project, we will choose either a quote, poem, or bible verse and learn how to lay it out on the paper, as well as make place cards and notecards with flowers. We will play with white ink, black ink, and watercolors.

Supply List
• Oblique or straight holder
• Nibs: Zebra G, Nikko G, Gillott 404, Blue Pumpkin, or your favorite
• Layout paper (I prefer Borden & Riley) or any see through paper
• Sakura .20mm micron pen
• 5×7 colored and cold-pressed paper, a few pieces
• Dr. Ph. Martin’s bleed proof white ink
• Dr. Ph. Martin’s Black Star ink
• Walnut ink
• Finetec gold ink (I prefer Arabic gold)
• Ruler
• Protractor
• Couple of watercolors or a simple set
• Paintbrush
• Water container
• Paper towels
• Pencil
• Kneaded gum eraser
Note: I will supply place cards and notecards.