BONE: Bookhand with a Twist — Carol DuBosch

Carol DuBosch
2.5 days
Beginning to Intermediate
No materials fee

Instructor Bio
Carol DuBosch teaches calligraphy full-time in Portland, Oregon. She first encountered the edged pen and the Italic script at age 12 in 1957, and has followed the inky path faithfully by learning, teaching, promoting, and practicing the art of calligraphy. She continues to be challenged by a new script, technique, or art material and always discovers delightful surprises along the way. She has taught workshops throughout the country and at many International Calligraphy Conferences. Carol was Director of the 1987 and 1991 International Calligraphy Conferences held in Portland, and Co-Directed Calligraphy Northwest in 2012.

Class Description

This contemporary letterform is known as BONE because of the bone-like shape of the basic pen-manipulated stroke. BONE is a wonderful exercise in pen twisting and designing the spaces within and around the letters. The letters are fun to write and are the perfect casual choice for many creative projects. In this workshop, students will learn the script and explore its variations and expressive applications. Some experience with the edged pen is needed. See additional pictures below.


Supply List

• Automatic #4 pen
• Non-waterproof ink (Higgins Eternal or Walnut)
• 11 x 17 practice paper (Gilbert Bond is the best – available at John Neal Books)
• Cotton rag
Optional: 6mm Pilot parallel pen (blue cap)