Brush Fiesta — Yves Leterme

Yves Leterme
5 days
Intermediate to Advanced
No materials fee

Instructor Bio
Yves Leterme spent more than 20 years trying to influence the lives and thoughts of young Brugean adolescents by reading and explaining the works of Virgil, Plato, Cicero, and the like. Nowadays, he devotes all his time and energy to the fine art of calligraphy. Being a freelance calligrapher, he continuously shifts from various lettering and artistic work commissions to artwork for exhibitions and galleries. Also, he lectures and teaches wherever the winds carry him. Already at an early stage, he devoted a lot of time developing his gestural style, for which he has gained international acclaim. Other typical features are his carefully drawn capitals and unusual compositions on richly textured backgrounds. Throughout the years, Yves’ work has been selected for inclusion in many juried shows and his artwork can be found in museums and private collections all over the world. He is the author of Thoughtful Gestures, the first book on gestural writing, and of Litterae, the Latin collection. Go to for more information and pictures.

Class Description
In this workshop, no other tool is allowed than the brush: flat brushes, pointed brushes, big ones, small ones, weird ones, metal ones, handmade ones… it won’t feel like we are limited. We will discover how to make best use of these brushes by learning about the subtleties they permit, the special effects, and the wide range of possibilities they offer. Both formal and gestural writing will be on the menu. Several alphabets will be provided, but also insights and methods to alter them to our liking. The brush will prove to be addictive, which is exactly the purpose of this workshop. All energy and time put into brushlettering will refine your writing skills, even when you’re a pen person.

Supply List
•  Two good flat brushes (e.g. Cotman 777, Winsor and Newton, 13 mm or 1/2 and 8 mm)
•  Pointed brushes and an Aquabrush/Pentel point brush
• All sorts of (weird) brushes you happen to have
• Two or three tubes of gouache, watercontainer, cloth, mixing brush
• A roll of MALA-paper (from Ikea)
• Pencil, ruler