You can take either one 5-day class or two 2.5-day classes. To select your classes and complete your registration, log in with the username and password you created when you registered, then select your housing and pay for the conference. After that, another box will appear for you to select classes.

Classes are assigned in order of registration number, as long as balance owed for tuition is paid in full by March 1, 2017. (Those not paid by this date will forfeit their registration number and move to the end of the list).

Class payment schedule
Note:  There will be a $50 fee to change classes
March 1, 2017  Full tuition payment due to choose classes
April 15, 2017  Class assignment confirmation email for those who paid by March 1
May 15, 2017   Travel details required (flight numbers/times) and shuttle payment due

Skill Levels
Each class description lists skill level(s). Check the definitions used to make sure you are in a class you can fully enjoy:

Beginner  Little or no experience with lettering, lettering tools, and media

Beginner/Intermediate  Comfortable with one calligraphic hand and how to use the related lettering tool(s); knowledge of an alphabet and how to use a pointed or broad-edge lettering tool

Intermediate  Competent in at least one calligraphic hand and has knowledge of various lettering tools

Intermediate/Advanced  Knowledge and skills of several calligraphic hands and lettering tools and writes confidently

Advanced  Experienced lettering skills and is proficient in several calligraphic hands

All Levels  Appropriate for any skill level

Class Catalog
Click on ALL, WEEK LONG, FIRST HALF, or SECOND HALF below; then the class picture for information about the instructor, materials fee, supply list, etc.

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