Creating Small Artworks with Monoline Writing — Carol Pallesen

Carol Pallesen

2.5 days
All levels
$20 materials fee

Instructor Bio
Carol Pallesen opened her studio, The Silent Hand Scriptorium, in Reno, Nevada, 35 years ago. Here she teaches private lessons, works on commissions, and creates artist books and cards. Conducting classes and workshops around the world, including 25 international calligraphy conferences, brings her great joy. She loves to see students enjoy themselves and learn new methods along the way.

Class Description

Make your letters small, smaller, smallest as we work with tools conducive to tiny writing: microns, crowquills, and sharpened edged pens. Spend two and a half fun-filled days learning three alphabet styles – Monoline Italic, Clothesline Caps, and Willow by Hand – and investigating the demands that small writing places on these tools. The delightful results will be used in several miniature book creations and cards.

Supply List

• Crowquill pen and holder (Hunt 102; 107 is also handy)
• 8.5 x 11 paper and 9 x 12 matboard,
please add ” (the inches mark) after the numbers
• Small brush (1/8-1/4″ flat and/or 00 or 0 pointed; I’ll bring some to share)

Please Note:  20.00 materials fee (includes: book & box materials–papers, leather, hinges, ribbons, etc.; lots of cards & envelopes; miscellaneous other media)

Optional:  Micron pens in other sizes and colors, other favorite pointed dip nibs, a couple tubes watercolor or gouache (plus mixing brushes and dishes), slant board (if you usually use one), cushion or pillow for chair, few small rubber stamps with ink pads.