Dancin’ Pen — Carrie Imai

Carrie Imai
5 days
All levels
$10 materials fee

Instructor Bio
Carrie has been teaching calligraphy and related subjects for over 30 years. Following completion of a certificate program in graphic art and design, she started a freelance calligraphy and graphic arts business, and has worked as a calligrapher for the County of Los Angeles, CA. She has taught at international calligraphy conferences, UCLA Extension, Brandes Art Institute, Hughes Aircraft, RAND Corporation, and guilds across the US and Canada. She is past President of the Society for Calligraphy, Los Angeles, and Director of the Letters California Style conference. Connie has published a book, Dancin’ Pen. All these ventures have brought her joy, but in her words, “What really turns me on is seeing the light go on in a student’s eyes. Life is good.”

Class Description
The Dancin’ Pen course was born from her book of the same name. It is Carrie’s funky twist on basic, formal scripts. It all started with Jacquie Svaren’s Bone Alphabet and pen manipulation then ran amok into other letterforms. She has been dancing with her pen for years and has so much fun that she wants to share. You will learn to love your pens and what they can do for you. We will learn to manipulate, edge, and corner our pens and apply those skills to our familiar scripts. Words should convey emotions such as joy, pain, and love. We will analyze the component parts of the letters and stretch them to create new, expressive forms. Lettering should be relaxing and fun. Come learn to love your pen; you will surprise yourself with the most exciting letterforms you’ve ever made!

Supply List
• 1 large edged pen: Luthis Chata size 4, 5 or 5A (from John Neal), automatic pen #4 or #5 (from Paper & Ink Arts); Pilot parallel pen (blue lid; great for cornering)
• Speedball C-2 pen
• Layout bond pad, at least 11 x 14
• Pelikan 4001 ink or walnut ink crystals
• Watercolor set (prefer Prang)
• Water container
• Mixing brushes
• Paper towels
• Few sheets of tracing paper
• X-ACTO knife
• Scissors
• Glue stick
• Tools to rule (C-thru ruler and pencil would be fine)
• Better papers of your choice, can be cut into quarters, scraps are fine (Canson Ingres, Canson Mi-Teintes, German Ingres, Frankfurt, Arches Text Wove, Arches hot press WC, Niddegen)

Note: Class fee includes bound book of handouts, pen preparation kit, and weird and wonderful writing tools.