Digitizing Calligraphy — Melissa Esplin

Melissa Esplin

2.5 days
All levels
No materials fees

Instructor Bio
Melissa Esplin loves cooking, sewing, photography, calligraphy, design, art, mothering, and watching embarrassing amounts of mediocre TV. She struggles with laundry and managing realistic expectations. Melissa has loved hand-lettering since she was very young, starting a stationery business at 15, and from there her passion for design and letters has only grown. She earned a BFA in Painting & Drawing at BYU with an unofficial minor in Graphic Design. Melissa started out self-taught in calligraphy (it was bad) but has since taken classes from Jake Weidmann, Kathy Milici, Vivian Mungall, and Michael Sull, to name a few. She’s been doing pen and ink since 2009 when she inherited her great-great grandfather’s Atkinson Sign Painters book.

Class Description
Expand your calligraphic offerings with digital calligraphy. Learn how to digitize your work four different ways, and how each way suits different outputs and styles. Learn the basic set-up of Photoshop and Illustrator for these methods. In this class we will dive into Illustrator and Photoshop best-practices for digitizing calligraphy. We’ll talk about output considerations and how to tailor your art to suit the medium. We’ll focus on quick and precise ways to digitize; they’re not mutually exclusive, though.


Supply List

• Laptop
• Mouse or graphics tablet
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
Note: If you don’t already have the software, install it the day before or day-of the workshop using the 30-day trial.