Donations Needed

Here is a list of items needed or sponsor an event. You may choose to sponsor a specific speaker, class, mini-class make-and-take, service project, exhibit, or any other part of the conference! Look over the schedule for ideas or contact us.

5-gallon buckets (25)
paper towel rolls (case of 50)
wet wipes (case of 30)
garbage bags (30+)
tissue (30)
distilled water (30 gallons)
floor plastic
blue tape for floors/tables/etc. (box)
Photopostos (1 pkg)
Crayola markers (3 boxes)
Presto foam (1 pkg)
clips and labels for participants exhibit
variety of Post-its
stickable whiteboard film and markers
foam core for signage
printing or paper for printing program, schedules, maps, etc.
9×12 heavyweight envelopes for welcome packets, etc. (500)
first aid kit
Scotch tape
double-stick tape
file in trays (30)
swag bags (400)
art supply or tool samples
trial size items
Utah Truffles (400)
fluffy pillows (75 – 150)
soap (400)