From Nib to Brush: Foundations of Pointed Brush Lettering — Barbara Calzolari

Barbara Calzolari
5 days
Beginning to Intermediate
$20 materials fee

Instructor Bio
Barbara Calzolari is an Italian calligrapher. She graduated from ENALC, a school of commercial art, in Bologna and worked in the fashion sector with large firms in the garment and licensing industries creating projects in the Far East for more than 15 years. She collaborated on designing collections and developing products for Pirelli, Ferrari, and Ferrero. Meanwhile, she cultivated and pursued her greatest passion: calligraphy. She studied with the Associazione Calligrafica Italiana in Italy and in the United States, including pointed pen Spencerian script with Michael Sull. She attends and teaches at international calligraphy conventions including Iampeth, Georgia Emory University College of Arts Atlanta, Calligraphy Centre in North Carolina, Friends of the Alphabet and Pennablers in Atlanta, ECV school of visual communication in Bordeaux, Skilled Hands Association in in Berlin, Society of Scribes New York, and Legacies II in Dallas. Barbara has written three prestigious manuscript books on the epistolary correspondence of Catherine de Medici, now held in the Washington, DC Library and in the Vittoriano Museum in Rome. She has taught Spencerian script and brush lettering in the Calligraphy Museum of Moscow, Leicester, and many places around the world. At the IAMPETH convention in 2015, she was recognized as a certified Master Penman, the first woman from Europe to receive that honor.

Class Description

The pointed brush can be a very formal, classic, and elegant tool. We will begin our study of letter forms with the pen and nib using the engrosser’s style of script as we explore the size, shape, slant, proportion, loops, and flourishes of both minuscule and majuscule letters in detail.

Next, we will cover how to form ligatures and contractions of the letters and their many variations.

Then we will swing into the pointed brush, taking it from formal to more free form letters and marks. A final composition will be created on paper and then painted on an apron made from vintage fabric that I will provide.  We will also complete a final written piece on fine paper.

Supply List
• Your favorite nib and/or 303 nib (the new one from John Neal is the best)
• hunt 22
• Nikko g
• Oblique pen holder
• Layout bond paper is perfect (A4 size or similar)
• One sheet of blotted paper  (A4 size or similar)
• Paper tape
• Pentel colorbrush or Pentel fude pen or Pentel aqua
• A small piece of cloth to clean the nibs
• Higgins Eternal black ink
• Very light weight (55gr) paper, white
• One sheet of transfer paper, white
• Fabric paint; white, black, or your favorite colors
• Small brush to mix the paint
• Very good quality small pointed brush to paint the final work on fabric
• Small water container
• Piece of cloth
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Eraser
• Protractor
• Small light table if you have one: I will provide mine as well
• Patience, smiles, and courage!

Note: I will provide an apron, brushes and paints. As part of the workshop we will check the rules of pointed pen writing (Engrosser’s style) and we will make it big, close to the size of pointed brush, then we will made lower case with Black Pentel Color Brush.