Lettering on the Dark Side — Connie Furgason

Connie Furgason
2.5 days
Familiar with at least one calligraphic hand in broad edged pen
No materials fee

Instructor Bio
Connie’s interest in art began as a little girl the moment she caught the scent of oil paint and turpentine as her mother painted in the evenings. With a university background in art and english, calligraphy caught Connie’s attention in the early 80’s and shortly there after began teaching lettering arts at the Lethbridge Community College. She has been on the faculty of several international conferences and was the director of “PenUltima ’99” in Lethbridge. Currently her focus has been on the lettering arts and other media including watercolour, acrylic and mixed medium. She also writes her own text for works she produces. “I usually create backgrounds and then begin writing on the surface. I let what I see in front of me lead me in the direction the piece seems to be naturally evolving. I love the stories waiting to be told from the paint and ink. I live just over an hour from Watertown Lakes National Park which provides a constant source of inspiration…the prairies provide a beautiful path of seasonally changing wonder to the feet of the Rocky Mountains. For me, nature and the richness of my experiences with family are the catalyst for my work. Connie continues to teach workshops across the United States and Canada with her work show cased in private collections, several published books and juried shows. She currently lives in Lethbridge Alberta.

Class Description
Writing on black gives immediate impact.  Attention must be made to using the right tools and texture of the medium to form beautiful, crisp letters.  In this class we will experiment with a variety of mediums, explore which colours react best on dark paper and focus on creating images with punch. We will spend the first day experimenting  (“playing”) with a variety of paints, pens and other mediums on dark paper to create several exciting examples of “colour on dark”.  These exercises will culminate in an exemplar booklet which will provide ideas and options for complete pieces.  The second day will focus on achieving crisp, beautiful lettering when using paint and completing at least one piece

Supply List
• 1/2 sheet black Canson paper
• 1/2 sheet black paper (I like Stratmore 400 series coal black or Artigan)
• Practice/layout pad
• Edged pens (I like Speedball C0, C1 and C2 for larger work; Hiro or Brause for smaller)
• Mixing brush
• 1/2″ broad edge chisel watercolor brush
• Gouache: white, yellow, cad red or orange, cerulean blue (will have some to share)
• Liquid acrylic (I like Daler Rowney)
• Metallic paint (I like Mica Color by Artquest from Paper and InkArts; Daler Rowney Liquid Acrylic Pearlescent – Mazuma Gold, Birdwing Copper)
• Colored pencils (will have some to share)
• Gel pens
• Palette
• Water container