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January 31, 2017Information for LetterWorksJR is live. Space is limited so register soon. Housing has been updated. Make sure you check out On-Campus information. There are a few perks for choosing that option. On-Campus living in clean, recently built residence halls makes it very convenient to take advantage of all the conference offers, from pre-breakfast supply runs or grabbing a nap at lunch, to having just a short walk after evening socials or to pop in and see calligraphic exhibits between events.

January 23, 2017Class descriptions are up. We are still working on getting all images. Soon forms will be available online to enter your first, second and third choices for classes. Beginning March 1, classes will be assigned to everyone who has paid in full, according to their registration number. Registered participants will be sent a notification as soon as the class form is online. A gift of money towards registration is always a good idea.