Pointed Pen with Attitude — Barbara Close

Barbara Close
2.5 days
All levels
No materials fee

Instructor Bio
Barbara teaches in southern California, across the USA, and Canada. She thoroughly loves teaching and sharing with students. Her work includes a wide variety of lettering styles and mixed media applications, and has been in exhibitions across the country as well as many private locations. Her work has creative passion while showing the exhilaration of discovery in pailful experimentations with skillful execution. She has taught at several International Lettering and IAMPETH conferences. Barbara designed the logo for Somerset Studio Magazine and The Calligraphy Collection font cartridge for Cricut. Follow Your Heart is a philosophy that shows in her work, continuing growth with heart and inspiration.

 Class Description
Ignite your passion for the pointed pen scripts by adding a little spice to your lettering! Explorations are boundless with the pointed pen. We will look at traditional Copperplate styles, then go off the beaten path to try others. The pointed pen is a versatile tool that can create many variations of lettering and unique flourishes. Everyone will leave with a portfolio of all these wonderful practices. I always say, “If I could only have one pen on a desert island… it would be my pointed pen!”



Supply List

  • Various pointed nibs you like to use & your favorite holders
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Pelikan 4001 ink or Walnut Ink for good, easy flow
  • Sumi [Moon Palace] Ink for permanent work
  • Watercolor sets or tubes with palette & mixing brush
  • small pointed watercolor brush —#02 or #04 (not expensive, just needs to have a good tip)
  • Canson Pro Layout Marker Paper [9 x 12] for practice
  • Stonehenge or equivalent good paper you have on hand –tear/cut into quarters
  • Optional:-Embossing Stylus-Stickles (one you like)
  • Gold/Silver/Copper powder -i.e. Schmincke