Scrumptious Surfaces — Jacqueline Sullivan

Jacqueline Sullivan

2.5 days
$15 materials fee

Instructor Bio
I have been a teaching artist for 30 years and I love to teach. Seeing the joy in a student’s face when they create something that pleases them brings me joy! I have a degree in graphic design and worked for many years as a publication, marketing, and advertising designer as a way to make a living, but my passion has always been with color and paint, no matter what the surface. Personal artistic development has been a lifeline as I work my way through the challenges life has brought. My mixed media, book art, calligraphic, and acrylic work has been shown in galleries and top juried art fairs nationwide. I believe that asking “what if?” and keeping a spirit of adventure and discovery is important as I follow my creative path and attempt to make something original. I love experimenting with texture, layers, marks, paint, and dyes. I am proud to be a Certified Teaching Artist for Golden Paint and grateful for the opportunities I have been given to inspire others to be creative.

Class Description
In this class, we will explore the development of rich and complex surfaces. We will use basic materials… acrylic paints, grounds, and mediums, as well as, pastels and charcoal. We’ll build layers of color and media and writing, both legible and abstract writing. We will work on tonality, composition color and contrast as well as making beautiful marks and writing. On the second day we will make an artist’s book compiling our explorations, observations, and ideas for further development. As we assemble our pages, we will talk about and use the elements of good design as they apply to page layouts. Our book form will be very versatile with holes punched in pages, pull out flaps and writing across the pages. Finished works are abstract, colorful and very beautiful.

Supply List
• 2 full-size sheets of Arches Text Wove (make sure you get the 25 x 40 sheets as it is often sold in half sheets)
• White or off-white, unwaxed, strong thread
• Needle for the thread
• Awl
• 1″ paint brush for acrylics
• Several small containers (yogurt)
• 16-32 oz. plastic water container
• Styrofoam or similar plates for palettes
• Stencils or stamps (many will be provided)
• Cutting mat
• Metal ruler
• Knife with extra new blades
• Household sponge
• Several 1″ sponge brushes
• Charcoal pencils
• White china marker
• Apron
• Paper towels
• Notebook plus pen for taking notes
• Glue stick
• Metal triangle if you have one (some will be provided)
• Gloves, if desired