Studio Works — Diane von Arx

Diane von Arx
5 days
Intermediate to Advanced
No materials fee

Instructor Bio
Diane is a letter maker and designer who produces graphic design, corporate identity, original documents of recognition, gifts pieces, and original art. She has taught calligraphy and related classes for over 30 years throughout the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan. She is passionate about the process of making letters in new and innovative ways, using contemporary materials while still respecting traditional forms.

Class Description
This is just what it says, working in-studio for five days. When participants review the course catalog, there are always difficult choices, as we tend to want it all. This Studio Works option comes as close as possible to having a variety of learning experiences, without having to pick up all your ‘toys’ and move to the next class. You get to camp in one place for the week, yet gain new knowledge or build on your existing skills without the anxiety of relocating to a different classroom. A new focus area will be introduced each day, with an emphasis on lettering and without having to bring your entire studio from home. The class is meant for those who have a working knowledge of Roman Capitals, Foundational Hand, and Italics and are passionate about letter forms.

For the comfort of all, please arrive in class fragrance free!

Letter, word, and line adjustments and spacing for Italic or Foundational Hand, including priceless ligatures

Pen Roman Caps – gentle pen twists and tweaking to beautiful Caps

Tuesday Morning
Flourishing secrets – yes, there are secrets

Versals as a textured page – dazzle yourself

Gouache on gouache – yes, you can do that

Friday Morning
Recap and Application – work on projects, Q & A, critique, review

Supply List

• Pens
• Ink
• 14 x 17 layout pad (Borden & Riley #37)
• Sturdy lap board or portable drawing board
• T-square
• Triangle (adjustable, if you already have one)
• Pencil
• Eraser
• Pencil sharpener
• X-ACTO or utility knife
• 1 parallel pen, 2.4 or 3.8mm, extra black ink/cartridges
• Gouache
• Pro White or other white paint
• Glass or porcelain palette for mixing
• Mixing brushes
• Several good, fine-point brushes
• 1 piece Arches 90# HP
• Small frame (about 12 x 15) for stretching watercolor paper
• Staple gun
• Large sponge brushes
• White chalk pencil (not pastel)
• Water pot or container
• Crocus cloth and sharpening stone for nibs
• Magnifier loupe (minimum 10X)
• Several 14 x 17 pieces of good paper (to fit in layout pad)

Note: Diane will contact you prior to the conference for some pre-conference tasks that will help in planning and packing your ‘toys.’


Click here for the Italic for Everyone PDF

Click here for the Variety of Italic Textures PDF