The Greatest Cards on Earth — Carol Pallesen

Carol Pallesen
2.5 days
All levels
$25 materials fee

Instructor Bio
Carol Pallesen opened her studio, The Silent Hand Scriptorium, in Reno, Nevada, 35 years ago. Here she teaches private lessons, works on commissions, and creates artist books and cards. Conducting classes and workshops around the world, including 25 international calligraphy conferences, brings her great joy. She loves to see students enjoy themselves and learn new methods along the way.

Class Description

Making your own cards by hand and heart is an enjoyable and practical experience. Experimentation, freedom, and discovery, all parts of this process, enhance the vitality of all your artwork by freeing up your innermost feelings and bringing more of your creative energy to the surface. In this class, we will use fine art and craft techniques as we create one-of-a-kind treasures: structures to capture ideas and celebrate events. In a non-intimidating atmosphere, many cards and box-cards will be made; in addition, a monoline alphabet will be presented and practiced.


Supply List

• Notebook (if you wish to take notes)
• Micron pens, black (Pigma 01 and 08)
• Bone folder
• Metal cork-backed ruler (12 or 18″)
• X-ACTO knife and #11 blades
• Cutting surface (9 x 12 matboard or self-healing)
• Pencil
• Eraser
• Pencil sharpener
• Scissors
• Glue stick (such as UHU)
• Rubber cement pick-up (to clean up glue stick remnants)
• extra fine gold and/or silver pens (Sakura, Pen-Touch)
• Scrap paper (about 20 pieces of used copy paper or computer paper, for back-up when gluing)
• Water container (empty yogurt cup)
• Brushes (a #00, 0, 1, and/or 2 pointed watercolor; an 1/8 or 1/4″ flat brush; a 1/2″ Winsor Newton 995; I’ll bring some of the small flat brushes to share)
• Rag
• Baby wipes
• B-3 and/or B-4 Speedball nib and holder
• Pan watercolor set (such as a Prang half pan box with 8 or 16 colors; or whatever you already have)
• A few small scraps of decorative paper and cancelled stamps (I’ll bring some to share)

Optional: Apron, Micron pens in other colors, cushion or pillow for chair