Too Much Fun Journaling — DeAnn Singh

DeAnn Singh
2.5 days
All levels
$15 materials fee

Instructor Bio
DeAnn Singh has loved teaching calligraphy since 1981 in many venues. She has been a calligrapher for the County of Los Angeles and owns and operates a calligraphy studio, Designing Letters. She is past president of SfC, has served for many years in various capacities, and is currently an archivist. She is the originator of Letters California Style. She co-authored Hand Lettering: Simple, Creative Styles for Cards, Scrapbooks & More and was technical editor for Simple Stroke Calligraphy, by Marci Donley. Her work can be seen in movies and television including National Treasure, Book of Secrets, and Charmed.

Class Description
Too Much Fun Journaling! Have you seen the beautiful journals that are so popular today? Do you wonder if you could do that too, but know that you can’t draw well enough to be successful? I would like to teach you how to do simple drawing and painting techniques that will allow you to make wonderful pictures of your surroundings and special occasions. I love to look back at my journals and the time it took to make a snapshot of that moment. We will move around to various locations to draw and critique. I’ll teach you a simple but pretty lettering style that goes nicely with the illustrations. My methods are successful with advanced artists as well as beginners. With just a few materials, we’ll get started on a lifetime journey of drawing from your life experience.

Supply List
• Small watercolor set meant for outdoor painting. There are many brands, some are as cheap as $16 and generally come with a pointed watercolor brush. I use a 12-color Windsor and Newton Cotman set.
• Windsor and Newton Series 707 size #3 sable brush if a brush is not included with your set. You have to have a good watercolor brush; it makes all the difference in the world.
• 1 oz. water-tight jar (tiny honey/jelly). Put into a small Ziplock bag until you know for sure it’s water-tight.
• Journal that will fit into fanny pack. I like a 3.5 x 5.5 with black, spiral-bound hard cover (Canson, Strathmore). It usually has paper suitable for sketching but will take watercolor. Bring what you have.
• Waterproof fine-tip black pen. I use Zig Millenium black .01 pen, Micron Pigma .01, or similar.
• HB or 2H mechanical pencil that the lead can be retracted to keep a tip
• Eraser
• Scissors, small, blunt-tip
• Glue stick
• Small cotton rag

Optional:  fanny pack, 1 oz. water container (little dropper bottle), small triangle, mini grid ruler, gray brush marker, chapstick, calligraphy nib and holder, camera