Uncialicious — Jane Shibata

Jane Shibata
2.5 days
Beginning to Intermediate
$5 materials fee

Instructor Bio
Jane Shibata is an adjunct faculty member in the Art Department at Santa Monica College in California and runs a design business specializing in the lettering arts in Los Angeles, California. Jane worked for the City of Los Angeles as a calligrapher and is currently doing contract work for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Graphic Arts division. She is a long-time Society for Calligraphy Southern California member who has served on the board, coordinated outreach events, and taught many workshops for the Society for Calligraphy. Jane has also taught for a few other guilds in California and other states, and two international calligraphy conferences. Jane is also a charter member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.

Class Description

So you think uncial is stodgy, old, and limited? Oh, see the light! It has been around for thousands of years, but there are many beautiful qualities and characteristics of the uncial hand that can be utilized and moved into the 21st century. First, we will start with the foundations of uncial, then we will analyze and modify the uncial alphabet to look more contemporary by adding subtle flourishes and shape modifications. These old and new forms of uncial will be adapted to a few broadsides using the alphabet and quotations.

Supply List
Purchase only the items that you don’t have or want to try. Please bring your other favorite nibs, inks, and papers you already have.
• Pen nibs: Brause (0.5 – 5.0) and/or Speedball (C-4 – C-0); Brause EF 66 pointed -or- Pilot parallel pens with various ink cartridge colors
• Pen holders
• 1 black ink (Higgins Eternal, Higgins Calligraphy, Japanese stick ink, gouache)
• 1 color ink or paint (gouache, FW, Dr. Martin’s, Magic Color, Ecoline, walnut, watercolor)
• 1 layout paper, 14 x 17 (Bienfang Graphics 360, Borden & Riley cotton comp, or Canson layout)
• Graph paper for calligraphy
• Scraps up to 14 x 17 of high quality and color paper you already have (Arches hot press, German/Fabriano/Canson Ingres, Arches text wove, Frankfurt white, Canson Mi-Tientes)
• – 2H and HB pencils
• Eraser
• Ruler
• T-square
• Plastic ruler
• Water container
• Rags/paper towels
• Paint palette or dinky dips
• Mixing brushes
• Slant board or drawing board if you do not like to work flat
• Poetry, quotations, excerpts of text (alphabet sentences will be provided)